DFO infusion for thalassemia

Thalassemia Patients are constantly managing an iron chelation therapy with DFO (deferoxamine).

The most administrated drug over the time is deferoxamine infused subcutaneously or intravenously.

In the last 10 years alternative therapies administrated orally increased the quality of life of patients but in many cases have been not able to completely substitute the effectiveness of DFO (namely for the chelation of free iron in the blood).

Presently the most advanced therapeutical solution are based on combined protocols (oral and infusion).

    The key point of Vikyfuser Soft pump is to correctly infuse the DFO solution and to have the best compliance in the daily life of the patients.

    The daily experience of thalassemia Patients to manage the therapy administration allows to focus on the most comfortable and reduced shape of the device adopting a soft shell which grants minimal device dimension.

    According to the most used clinical protocols (12 hours and 24 hours infusion), Vikyfuser Soft is available in 2 configurations :

    • 60 ml Volume and 5 ml/h flow rate : 12 hours infusion (color code “green”)
    • 48 ml Volume and 2 ml/h flow rate : 24 hours infusion (color code “yellow”)

    Vikyfuser is totally MADE IN ITALY ! 
    We will be glad to welcome you at our plant in Verona to visit our production.

    Main technical characteristics :

    • Silicone Balloon for the best biocompatibility
    • Direct filling in the pump for safe and easy procedure
    • Extensible internal rod for most stabile flow rate
    • On line filter for clean and airless solution
    • Glass flow restrictor for the most stabile flow rate
    • Automatic priming for easy and fast preparation
    • Tested DFO stability
    • Reduced size : only 9,4cm length and 5cm (max) diameter

    Visit dedicated product page Vikyfuser Soft or contact us for more information

    ISO 13485 Certification
    ISO 28620 Compliance

    DFO stability studies

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