Derma Treatments

Products formulated as skin treatments to effectively act on the following cases.

Scars and wrinkles: Q-Derm® Intensive

Innovative treatment based on polypeptides able to stimulate collagen and elastine regeneration and to manage the inflammatory process over time.

Hyperchromia: Q-White®

Treatments based on synergy of 3 different main ingredients to manage the causes of melanin hyper production (inflammation and oxidation).

Youth or hormonal Acne: Q-Acne Complex

Treatment to solve the accumulated sebum and control the redness.

Congestion and feeling of tiredness: Q-Active

Decongestant, soothing and refreshing treatment ideal after sporting activity or for states of heaviness, heat and swelling of the limbs.


The above products are also available in the “Professional Use” original configuration with 200ml dispenser. See specification in the page of each product

All the products are made in Italy and registered to CPNP according to Reg. 1223/2009EC

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